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If you are interested in converting your attic and would like to get a professional opinion on what can and can’t be done in your current home, as well as an estimate for the work required to convert your attic, please complete the form on the right and one of our professional attic conversion foremen will arrange a visit to inspect your home and provide you with all the details you require to make a decision.

You will benefit from:

  • A Professional Opinion from a Master Attic Converter

  • A Free Site Visit & Professional Attic Inspection

  • The benefit of being able to ask a professional any question you may have

  • Details about the Fire Regulations required for your conversion

  • An estimate of the conversion costs for your attic conversion

  • A date for when the work can be started and completed

  • The security of knowing your are dealing with a professional attic converter

  • Expert advice on adding an en-suite or upgrading your bathroom

  • Expert advice on how to heat your newly converted attic space

  • Over 20 Years experience in attic conversions